Let us help each other in making our aquaponics dreams and visions come true.

We love seeing people succeed, Let us help each other in making our aquaponics dreams and visions come true. Join our community and keep in touch with us. We will be very happy to hear from your aquaponic farming experiences. You will surely fall in love with it as you experience how close you are to God’s heart every time you witness a miracle happening when an aquaponic plant sprouts, grows and bear flowers and fruits. :) Aquaponics Philippines

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Commercial Aquaponics Setups in the Philippines

We have been in search for commercial aquaponics setups here in the Philippines to be able to share it with you, our readers, and spur awareness on how aquaponics technology might be a good alternative to growing vegetables and fish especially in times of extreme...

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Aquaponics at University of the Philippines

Last 29th of March 2014, the TM 291 class under Prof. Glen A. Imbang put their project management skills to action by heading an aquaponics awareness talk along with the launch of their class project, Aquaponix™. It was held at the Technology Management Center,...

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Aquaponics in the Philippines

Amazed by aquaponics systems shared in the internet from all over the world, like Hawaii, Australia, Canada, Texas, Colorado, Florida, Greece, Trinidad and Tobago, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Puerto Rico, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Uganda and many more, we (Aquaponics PH...

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