Let us help each other in making our aquaponics dreams and visions come true.

We love seeing people succeed, Let us help each other in making our aquaponics dreams and visions come true. Join our community and keep in touch with us. We will be very happy to hear from your aquaponic farming experiences. You will surely fall in love with it as you experience how close you are to God’s heart every time you witness a miracle happening when an aquaponic plant sprouts, grows and bear flowers and fruits. :) Aquaponics Philippines

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Organic Supplemental Plant Nutrients for Aquaponics

As organic products are slowly but surely making a big demand in the market today, Aquaponics system as its source is also gradually becoming more popular in the agriculture sector. What is appreciating with Aquaponics is the simplicity of its process. Best of all,...

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Plant Pests Control

As you embark on your own aquaponic venture it is important to learn how you will control or prevent plants pest infestation to save yourself from spending so much time, money and pain. You do not have to spend a lot for organic products. It is surprising, even...

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Fish Treats

An imbalance aquaponic system can easily be recognizable if yellowing of plant leaves exist in the setup. Since plant nutrients are converted from fish poops, fish feed is a factor to consider in growing healthy plants and fishes together. In aquaponics, a happy fish...

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